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Inspired by the monologue of Jacques in Shakespeare's "As You Like It", Theatrum Mundi makes an attempt to explore the maternal experience and the lifecycle of a "to be" Man inside the belly of a woman.

This show is devised on the principle of a puppet-stage costume. It explores the techniques of miniature manipulation inspired by 19th century paper theater, but also shadow and clockwork.

7 ages, 7 scenes, from creation to death. Everything happens inside the belly of a pregnant mother. Through the life cycle of a foetus, it is our whole society that is mirrored.

The show also explores the dualities and parallels between men and women, the organic warmth and comfort of the belly versus the metallic coldness of war and power, life and death, biological clock and the mechanics of the world.

It is an exploration of the baroque world, it's beauty and it's relevance.

Costume construction

Belly prototype and black light tryouts


In a few pictures

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